12 August 2009

Why do we support this?

Why do we support this? What grounds do we have to enable these deserters? Let's see, so if you decide to make a commitment to serve VOLUNTARILY in your armed services of a democratic and free country, and then decide not to honour that contract, you just run away and claim 'refugee status'.

 Canada MUST not tolerate this. These person (and indeed all of those not wishing to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) have a choice. They can decide to leave the service. Here in in Canada it is called 'putting in for your release'. However, those deciding not to fulfill their contract (including the fine print) must fully expect to pay the financial costs of breaking the commitment. After all, in this case, Uncle Sam has invested in the training and development of this person, and the individual has agreed to serve in their capacity for a fixed period of time. I wonder if she read the fine print, that she was being TRAINED FOR WAR? Hello, that is what soldiers do - as incredulous as it may sound in leftist circles - SOLDIERS TRAIN FOR WAR! This is their job and when they are not fighting for war, they are training for war. So, if Kimberly Rivera didn't want to go to war, then she should have said, "No, I don't want to go, and I will either pay for the balance of my contract, or serve a prison sentence (for disobeying a lawful order). Instead, she chose to run. We should transport her to the border and hand her over to US officials today. This country has need for immigrants with far greater mettle than Ms. Rivera. When she serves her sentence or completes her service, then she is welcome to reapply to immigrate to Canada.


Female U. S. Army deserter granted stay

 Canwest News Service

 The first American female army deserter to seek refuge in Canada over a belief the U. S.-led war in Iraq is unjust has been granted a temporary stay in Canada. The Federal Court of Canada yesterday granted Kimberly Rivera, pictured, a new pre-removal risk assessment after Federal Court Judge James Russell ruled in favour of a review of her risk of punishment if she returns to the United States. The review could take as long as four months. Ms. Rivera lives in Toronto with her husband and three children. "I'm so happy. Like the other war resisters, I just want to stay in Canada," Ms. Rivera said.

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