13 August 2009

Paul Moist - al-CUPE Terrorist Boss Speaks

Excellent comment on this article:

Welcome to Bizarro world, where you pay taxes to fund this jackass so he can write for a private company extolling the virtues of the public sector.

"Working people built Canada. They deserve a better shake than they have received in recent weeks."

Exactly. They need to be rid of the disgusting parasites such as you and your ilk.
Read this article with a metric tonne of salt, as it is written by an al-CUPE Terrorist. If (when) privatisation occurs, Moist and the rest of his terrorist ilk will be out of a job, living like leeches on the forced union dues (i.e. extortion money).

Paul Moist: Privatizing city services has never worked, and wont work in the future

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