25 August 2009

Try Khadr Now in Absentia for Treason

How much time and energy have we wasted on this terrorist and traitor to Canada?

He was caught fighting against Canada and her allies, therefore, he took up arms against the Queen and Canada. There is no doubt that he is a traitor!

It is unfortunate that we do not have the death penalty still for treason in this country. We should try Omar Khadr in absentia on charges of treason, revoke his citizenship and leave him to the US for prosecution of whatever charges they wish.

If we carry it to the logical extension, the entire Khadr family should be brought up on charges of treason and removed from this country, but I guess that is wishful thinking...After all, if they hate Canada so much, why wouldn't they just pick up and head back to Pakistan? I am sure they can get all the Shariah law they want there...


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