05 August 2009

Toronto City Council - Meeting Again

So, Toronto City Council is meeting again after the treason that they have wreaked on taxpaying Torontonians.  Well, here is an interesting little tidbit from the agenda that they are discussing spending our tax dollars on...of course, after paying out all the CUPE terrorists their bonuses sick pay.

Basically, City Council now wants the taxpayers to pay all of their legal bills so that they can sue those individuals who dare exercise their freedom of speech and call these uncivil servants to task on their less than stellar actions!  What country are we living in again?  I thought we beat the communists in the cold war so that we could perpetuate our Western democratic way of life!

I thank the National Post for bringing this to light here
EX33.6 ACTION Ward: All

Indemnification Policy for Members of Council and Defamation Committee Recommendations

The Executive Committee recommends that:

1. City Council determine that amendments to the Indemnification Policy for Members of
Council regarding defamation are necessary, and approve the amendments set out in
Appendix B of the report (May 11, 2009) from the City Manager.

2. City Council request the Integrity Commissioner to report on any related amendments
to the Code of Conduct Complaint Protocol for Members of Council.

3. City Council not extend the amendments set out in Appendix B of the report (May 11,
2009) from the City Manager to directors of agencies, boards, commissions,
corporations and special purpose bodies.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The Executive Committee requested the City Manager and the City Solicitor to report
directly to City Council on the following matters:

1. In view of the short time lines to give notice of defamation actions, amendments to the
proposed policy in order to expedite Member versus Third Party Claims, including
possible delegation to staff or officials of parts of the proposed process.

2. In view of the short time lines, an examination of the particular situation faced by
Councillor Bussin in respect of the potential defamation and suggest a course of action
to address approval and reimbursement of her legal expenses.

3. The motion by Councillor Mammoliti, that if a Council Member feels that he or she
needs immediate legal advice to proceed with any legal matter, the Member be able to
access the cost of legal fees up to $10,000 prior to approval under the proposed policy.

4. The motion by Councillor Moscoe, that:

a. The Members of Council shall be entitled to select their own legal representation
subject to their legal bills being reviewed by the City Solicitor.

b. This policy also apply to Members of Council when they are serving as a
Council Appointee on any ABC or any other body to which they have been
appointed by Council.

c. This matter be forwarded to all ABC's with a request that they review their own

d. The external lawyer who makes the recommendations in connection with the
process for (i) Member versus Third Party, and (ii) Member versus Member, ,
or anyone connected to them, shall be prohibited from acting for any of the
parties to the matter.


The purpose of this report is to offer amendments to the Indemnification Policy for Members of
Council (the “Councillor Policy”) that provide a process for the reimbursement of legal
expenses where a Member of Council initiates a civil action for defamation.

Background Information

Indemnification Policy for Members of Council and Defamation


Councillor Sandra Bussin, Ward 32, Beaches-East York
Councillor Adam Vaughan, Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina

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