06 August 2009

A Petition for Investigation into Sandra Bussin's Alleged Fraudulent Campaign Contributions

Here is a site detailing what appears to be some of the legal issues that Sandra Bussin wants Toronto Taxpayers to pay for. Now even in the letter from Mr. St-Germaine, he states that if he is wrong, he will pay Sandra Bussin's legal fees, so why are Torontonians being asked to pony up the funds instead of Sandra Bussin? Here is the link to the petition to get the investigation going, as well as a letter to the integrity commissioner (really needed with this City Council!) calling for an investigation.

1 comment:

  1. City solicitor Anna Kinastowski, who had been asked to come up with a draft policy, said she knows of no other municipality in Canada with such a procedure, according to the Toronto Star
    Councillor Bussin wants to sue, she is not being sued. Why are we paying for this?