12 August 2009

Finally, some good news on the al-CUPE front

Finally, some good news on the al-CUPE front from the National Post's Howard Leavitt:


On another note, I have now been shown the actual revisions to the collective agreement negotiated between the City of Toronto and its unions; the two sides recently settled a lengthy strike. The option for employees to cash out their sick pay must be made prior to Nov. 18. As result, I am delighted to note, the unions will be unable to threaten to cash out that benefit at the next round of bargaining. Therefore, nothing is stopping the city from demanding this again next time.

 Howard Levitt, counsel to Lang Michener LLP, practises employment law in eight provinces and is author of The Law of Dismissal for Human Resources Professionals. He can be reached at hlevitt@langmichener.ca

Let's, hope that the next mayor and council have the intestinal fortitude to end the al-CUPE terrorism and extortion once and for all.

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