25 August 2009

Failing to learn the Lockerbie lesson

An excellent article by Laura Rosen Cohen in the National Post on the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Unfortunately the Scots lacked the fortitude to continue the fight to ensure justice prevailed. What mercy did al-Meghrahi show the victims of the bombing? What further pain and trauma is the Scottish Government causing the families of the victims? Where is their mercy?

Laura Rosen Cohen: Failing to learn the Lockerbie lesson

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The comment on the article also was extremely apt:

by Jane1
Aug 24 2009
11:44 PM

Ms. Cohen - this is an excellent, and honest article. You said:

"What case can be made for a society that annuls the value of its own citizens̢۪ life and enables their murderers to live freely?

Truer words have never been spoken. Throughout the West, non-Muslims and Secular Muslims are continually attacked - beaten, raped or murdered by individuals with the mindset of the Lockerbie bomber. All adhere to Islamic Supremacist Ideology.

All of these attacks, including Lockerbie, are part of Jihad against the West. Yet, western politicians turn a blind eye, or make excuses for this despicable behavior, and continue to fund our enemies at home and abroad. Government betrayal of the West is unforgiveable. In my opinion, individuals, including politicians, who betray their country, in favor of our enemies, should be criminally prosecuted, and serve lengthy jail sentences.

Yes Ms. Cohen - we need to pay attention to this lesson, and all of the other examples. We need to find politicians who have the morals and courage to defend the West from thugs who share al-Megrahi's mindset. Islamic Supremacists are allowed to move freely within Western society; reap our benefits; while plotting our demise; openly preach or disseminate material that calls for our destruction; and recruit individuals to be trained for Jihad. The West is on a suicide mission, and unless we wake up out of our stupor immediately - we will lose this War.

Bacongo de Luanda - for someone who attests to knowing more history than Ms. Cohen - you obviously don't know much about the history of Islam. Islamic Supremacists will still be waging Jihad - if we aren't in their territories; if Israel doesn't exist; or any other dumb excuses that people like you offer for their intolerable behavior.

Absolutely nothing, will ever satisfy Islamic Supremacists. That has been proven time and time again throughout the ages, up to the 21st century. They are a greedy lot, and want everything and everyone to adhere to their Supremacist Ideology. It is their "religious" duty to wage Jihad against the Infidel (including Secular Muslims). They have be waging Jihad ever since Mohammed's time, and won't stop until they have everything under their control - OR - until we harshly, and permanently stop them from being capable of waging Jihad.

Persian history is a perfect example of the harm caused by Islamic Supremacist Ideology. Persia was an enlightened, advanced, and progressive society for its time - until Jihad was waged against them, and Islam was imposed by the sword. Since that time, Persia has never been the same, and hasn't managed to rise above the darkness associated with Islamic Supremacist Ideology. Bright and beautiful people will never see the light, or enjoy freedom, until they manage to forever rid themselves of the hard-line religious shackles that imprison them.

Is Persia's fate what you want for the West?

Take a long hard look at Europe - in particular England and France. Islamic Supremacists are winning, with the assistance of dhimmi politicians, and leftist enablers who turn a blind eye or make excuses for their rotten behavior.

In the not too distant future - England - the root of our democracy, and France - the country that fought the French Revolution to rid themselves of the shackles of the Royals - will both fall to Islam. They will be just as oppressed as the citizens in Iran. Predictions vary as to the time frame of their fall - some say 15 years, others 50. My research indicates the fall will likely occur within the next 10 years. Who could have possibly imagined that England - the home of the Magna Carta and France - the home of Voltaire - would willingly succumb to 7th century Islamic Supremacist Ideology?

Yes Ms. Cohen - the Lockerbie release is an extremely important lesson. But is it just one example of thousands, upon thousands, where the West willingly caved to our enemies. The next generation won't have a future worth living in - unless we stop the insanity - today!

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