06 August 2009

Councillors reject libel-suit funding policy

Well, I am glad to see that common sense prevailed on this issue (unfortunately, common sense in Toronto City Council is EXTREMELY uncommon!) and this motion to have Toronto Taxpayers pay for Councillors legal bills has been rejected by a vote of 28-2 (nothing posted  yet on who voted for it).  What is interesting, is that Mayor Miller couldn't make it for the vote...

What is also very interesting is that councillors DID vote 25-5 in favour of taxpayer funds to be spent on legal fees for Sandra Bussin's attempt to fend off what she feels is a
pernicious falsehoods and slander that have been circulated about her in her ward through a leaflet campaign.

I am not sure exactly what it is, but it might have something to do with allegations of her taking funds for awarding of a contract on a concession stand in the Beach.

Obviously, she is innocent until proven guilty, but where there is smoke, there is usually fire...An investigation is definitely warranted...

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