10 August 2009

Various Directions

You may have noticed that I have begun interspersing different articles in-between the normal reporting on City Council. I just thought that I would add some variety to the blog, and hell, why not!

You may also notice that I have moved the blog over to Blogger from Wordpress. The new web address for Free Toronto is http://free-toronto.blogspot.com http://freetorontonow.blogspot.com. I did this for two three reasons. Firstly, I wanted to separate Free Toronto (now Free-Toronto FreeTorontoNow) from my normal blogging platform, as I want the ability to publish quickly and easily from wherever I am, and I was finding that Wordpress was just not that conducive to it. Secondly, I am going to insert some advertising into the blog, with a view to raising some funds to contribute to candidates that are running against David Miller and his cronies in the next election. Just call it my civic duty! I also find the ads that get generated by AdSense that correlate to the blog posts are usually hilarious! Thirdly, I have secured the Twitter account FreeTorontoNow so I can link the blog posts with twitter (OCD is horrible thing to live with!)

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