01 January 2009

Ward 31

This is the first in a series of profiles of the Treasonous Toronto 20. I thought that I would start with my local councillor, Janet Davis. So far my review of her performance indicates that it has been less than stellar and has been unduly influenced by unions and costly to taxpayers! Here is how she voted on some of the main issues:


This councillor likes to spend your money, so it wasn't a surprise that she needs more of it and voted to tax your registration of vehicles, your garbage collection and your transfer of land. She also voted not to defer the new taxes and to increase your property taxes 3.8%. Interesting that she wanted to give CUPE a 5.6% raise, so you can imagine where the difference is going to come out of...new taxes!


Now that the money has been taken from taxpayers, Councillor Davis voted to spend more of your hard-earned money and deliver a money-losing theatre for $1.2 M and a homeless shelter for $6 M. If she had been thinking, we could have saved $5 M and put the homeless in the theatre when it wasn't in use. At least the homeless would be entertained...unlike the taxpayers!


This councillor obviously missed the part in civics class on a representative and responsive government. She has successfully voted in favour of secrecy and keeping information from the public. She voted against the public attending consultation hearings, against an open tendering policy, for contracting in garbage collection in the City of York (more Union Dues to be paid = more campaign funds), against an effective lobbyist registry and against an open appointment process for the Police Services Board.