23 September 2009

Reply from the Mayor

Well, I was absolutely honoured that our Mayor took time out from his busy schedule of driving this city into financial oblivion to tweet me:
FreeTorontoNow RT from @ mayormiller um, so private sector consultants and auditors mess up, the city catches them, and its our fault? Get a grip.
The issue is that the mayor LIED to this city's taxpayers about the level of the liability to al-CUPE, and in fact, I am not the only one highlighting this:

Miller's big fib

National Post

Re: $200M Is More Than An 'Error,' Kelly McParland, Sept. 22.

While there is a certain charm to your reporter stating that Mayor David Miller misled Toronto citizens over the sick day liability, the truth of the matter is that he lied.

We deserve a grovelling apology and a resignation; I doubt either will be forthcoming.

Nicholas Brooks, Toronto

I second the motion from Mr. Brooks and submit that if the Mayor had any backbone he would resign now. This is yet another chapter in the book on how broken the Toronto Municipal government is. Royson James at the star had a recent article on it. City Council needs to be purged as it is killing this city.

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